Become a Dealer

We sell our products globally through a network of thousands of dealers. We do not sell direct to the general public.

If you would like to become a dealer please complete our PDFDealer Application.pdf (PDF – 1.35MB) and our PDFCredit Application.pdf (PDF – 1.01MB).

Also, provide the following:

Original photos of your business, interior and exterior.

An original photo of your store front signage.

Mail or fax these completed forms, photos and data to:

Midwest Acorn Nut Company
256 Minnesota Ave.
Troy, MI 48083 4671

Phone: 800-422-6887
Fax: 248-583-9130

Midwest Acorn Nut Company and Hexagon Enterprises sells products through Distributors and Dealers only, we do not sell retail. Please call or email today for a distributor or dealer in your area.